If you are unsatisfied with your smile due to missing teeth, or experience discomfort when speaking or eating, dentures may be a great option for you. They are essentially a set of removable false teeth created by your dentist for the purpose of filling uncomfortable gaps. Dentures are made from nylon, metal, or acrylic materials and are fitted to the exact proportions of a patient’s mouth, making each set unique. Filling these gaps eliminates any potential problems caused by tooth loss and provides patients with better physical comfort as well as peace of mind. There are several different types of denture options:

Complete Set

Also called “full dentures,” a complete set is designed for those who have many missing teeth due to tooth decay, loss, or removal. This set can replace the entire row of both the upper and/or lower jaw.

Partial Set

As the name suggests, a partial set is designed for patients who do not require an entire row of teeth to be replaced. Partial sets can replace one or several teeth.

Implant-Supported Dentures

This type of dentures is supported by and attached to dental implants, compared to the aforementioned types which sit on the gums and are not directly attached to the teeth. Implant-supported dentures are recommended for patients who lack teeth but have strong jaw bones, capable of supporting implants. They are also more commonly used on the lower jaw, as regular dentures are often less stable in that area.

The Process

After a consultation with Dr. Pulver, we will create a mold from your mouth in order to assess your specific tooth measurements and needs. This mold is then used to create a unique set of dentures that will look natural and fit comfortably in your mouth. While full dentures and partial dentures are meant to be removed and cleaned every night, implant-supported dentures are more permanent and require both X-rays and surgical procedures to install the hardware into your jaw.

For implant-supported denture, you will first wear a regular set until the implant-support is created and ready to be implanted. The initial surgery, which involves drilling and placing the implants into the jawbone, will require several months of healing, during which time you will wear a temporary denture set. Once the implants have fused with the jawbone completely, Dr. Pulver will attach the crowns to the implants, and take a mold to create a set of dentures that fit and attach perfectly to the implants’ crowns.


Treating your missing teeth not only improves overall oral hygiene, but it can help tremendously with eating and speech problems associated with tooth gaps. On top of that, you will regain your confidence to show off your smile. To schedule an appointment to discuss if you are a good dentures candidate, contact us today! With our experienced staff, your smile is in good hands.